In "All My Sons", how is Chris affected by the discovery of his father's guilt?

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This is an incredibly difficult moment for Chris.  He has spent his entire life idolizing his father, and now he must face the fact that his father is not perfect.  While this is a normal maturational milestone for kids and parents, the imperfection he now sees in his father is enormous.  His father has done a terrible thing - he shipped flawed parts which caused airplane failures and he let his business partner take the fall for it.  He has been living a lie all these years.  Chris has been working with him, thinking his father was the honorable one and Steve the guilty one.  Now Chris must recognize that everything he touches is dirty - tainted by the blood of the dead flyers.  As Jim puts it, in one of Arthur Miller's more beautiful, poetic moments - he has to watch the star of his own integrity go out.  

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