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How can children play a role in environmental conservation?

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When it comes to environmental conservation, teaching children to have respect for nature and make sustainable, environmentally friendly decisions sets them on a lifelong path of responsible action. While some aspects of environmental conservation may be difficult for children to understand fully, they can certainly learn that some actions can be harmful to the world around us. Encouraging children to recycle materials appropriately is an easy task that helps them make a big impact. Real-world examples of the importance of conservation, like nature walks and picking up litter (with the necessary safety precautions), helps children gain a sense of ownership over their actions and make connections between the idea of conservation and their lived experiences. 

There are many conservationist activities that can be done as a family to develop a child's sense of responsibility in caring for the environment. Planting a tree, tending a home garden, and taking public transport on family outings are all great activities.

As with all things, it's okay to start small! Many adults find it difficult to act in a way that is totally environmentally friendly, but by encouraging children to make just a few steps towards conservation, they may develop a life-long habit of caring for the environment.

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