A Man of the People

by Chinua Achebe

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How is Chief Nanga corrupt in A Man of the People?

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In Chinua Achebe's A Man of the People, a novel that takes place in an unnamed African country, major themes of greed, corruption, politics, and power are explored heavily through its characters.

Chief Nanga is one such character. Chief Nanga starts off as a teacher who serves the white rulers. However, after the white rulers grant the country its independence, Chief Nanga enters politics and becomes the Minister of Culture, one who is charged with protecting his country's traditions and culture. As the Minister of Culture, Chief Nanga is called "a man of the people."

However, rather than use his political power and wealth to benefit the people he is charged with serving, he uses his new-found political power and wealth to only serve himself and those around him. Chief Nanga uses his wealth to bribe other officials, the police, and others in his attempts to amass more political power. He uses his political power to amass more wealth, which further fuels the cycle.

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