How are "chemtrails" aiding humanity?On any given day, the skies may be littered with chemtrails that are sprayed out of aircraft.  These are usually seen in parallel or sets of parallel sprayings...

How are "chemtrails" aiding humanity?

On any given day, the skies may be littered with chemtrails that are sprayed out of aircraft.  These are usually seen in parallel or sets of parallel sprayings that clearly stop and start.  If observed, you can see them expand into a thin cloud that stays for hours. There is no acknoledgement by governments as to what they are and why they are doing it.  If they are seeding clouds for rainfall or protecting us from solar radiation, why isn't it being talked about?

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ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The notion of "chemtrails" appears no be nothing more than an urban myth.  The conspiracy theory holds that jet planes are emitting chemical trails (chemtrails) from behind their flightpath.  These trails appear as white, cloudy, straight line trails behind the plane and are suspected by some to contain chemicals being fed into the atmosphere by military or governement entities for unknown purposes.  The theories run the gamut from cloud seeding to population control.  All scientific entities claim this to be false.  The trails seen behind planes are called contrails, or condensation trails.  It is water vapor being left behind by the normal operation of jet engines.  This moist water vapor readily condenses in the cold surrounding atmospheric air to form cloud trails.  Depending on weather conditions, these contrails can remain intact for hours before naturally dissipating.

truthseekah | Student

If you look closer, you will see many anomolies inconsistent with the contrail theory.  Such as, contrails rarely expand or stay for more than a few seconds.  Most of the time a contrail will dissapate rapidly only visible within a couple of plane lengths behind.  Logically speaking, when a contrail forms, it is caused from condensation of the existing water vapor in that particular spot and time.  One would presume that dissappation would occur rapidly. 

Also, contrails do not stop and start abruptly. I've experienced, first hand, the turning on and off of these chemtrails on many occasions.  The same aircraft would then turn and form another line parallel to the previous one.  The flight paths, too, are usually inconsistent with normal travel.  This is not an anomoly, but rather on course with many cities around the country I've seen in videos and photos. There are tons of examples you can find on youtube and in a google image search.  Here are some examples.

Now, I am not going to speculate what and why they are spraying, but I'm convinced it's something other than simple condensation.  It should be obvious to those that do even a minimal amount of investigation.

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