How does Charlotte Bronte use the episodic device "different stories" in Jane Eyre?

Expert Answers
tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Charlotte Bronte uses the episodic device by how she structures her novelJane Eyre.Not only is the book basically divided up into four periods of Jane's life, but within each part, the main character finds herself in a different setting. Each setting challenges Jane to overcome trials and tribulations that she alone must face. If each part of Jane's life were broken up into parts it would include her abused life as a child while living under her Aunt's guardianship; then, she goes to the school for girls to learn and mature in that setting; next, her life as a governess portrays a different episode in her life; and finally, the last episode is after she runs away from Mr. Rochester and finds a new life with her cousins while she teaches school. Each separate area of Jane's life is its own episode or short story.