Describe the character of Sir Roger de Coverley in The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers?

arkaless | Student

Sir Roger de Coverley, an old bachelor in his mid-fifties, is a fictional character created by Joseph Addison as an author of letters and papers published in the periodical, The Spectator, launched in the early 18th century by Addison and his friend, Richard Steele. Sir Roger has been portrayed as a country gentleman, the benevolent autocrat, the baronet of a large Worcestershire estate. The knight possessing  exemplary humaneness, sympathy, moral sense and sense of responsibilty  serves as an ideal country squire of the 18th century. In London, Sir Roger presides over the "Club,” an informal  group of men of divergent interests and personalities. He pursues in a harmless way his Tory politics. On the whole, Sir Roger is a fine literary portrait of a an affable gentleman.


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