Julius Caesar Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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How does the character Marc Antony change over the course of Julius Caesar?

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Marc Antony is presented as a young military man who must quickly grow up in a very challenging situation, and he becomes an accomplished commander and worthy successor to Caesar.

His activities during the wars, under Julius Caesar’s command, had included revelry in celebrations in camp, yet Caesar clearly trusts him in battle. His trusting side, unfortunately, lets Caesar down, as he speaks in Cassius’s favor. Then, unbeknownst to Antony, his reputation for merely being an appendage to Caesar actually saves his life: Brutus convinces Cassius he is not enough of a threat to kill along with Caesar.

After the assassination, Antony begs Brutus to kill him, as that would be an honorable death. When they spare him and allow him to speak at the funeral, he pretends to be on friendly terms even as he plots the counter-uprising. While several of his speeches make him seem mild-mannered, once he is alone, he passionately commits to war and vengeance. Italy will be so terrible, he vows, with...

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