The Garden Party: And Other Stories Questions and Answers
by Katherine Mansfield

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In the story "The Garden Party", how is the character of Laura Sheridan revealed ? 

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Katherine Mansfield's coming-of-age story "The Garden Party" focuses on the social and psychological discoveries of a young, well-to-do woman who vicariously experiences through certain events the realities of life. These realities include social injustice, the classicism of society, life, and death.

The narrative of the story shows that the realization of Laura Sheridan does not actually come from what others think or expect of her. Far from it, she actually detours from what the narrator calls the "wonders" of "her upbringing", and pushes herself to enter certain situations. Case in point, her admiration for the workmen whom, at first, she tried to treat in a business-like manner only to end up appreciating their rogue ways, and understanding their appreciation for her flowers.

How many men that she knew would have done such a thing? Oh, how extraordinarily nice workmen were, she thought. Why couldn't she have...

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