Othello Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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How is the character of Emilia portrayed in Othello? What is her contribution towards the tragic ending of the play?

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Emilia is a lower-class, rather earthy woman who is married to Iago and serves as a personal maid to Desdemona. She is devoted to her mistress. She exists mainly for dramatic purposes. She and Desdemona exchange thoughts, confidences, and factual information in their dialogue, all of which make it convenient for Shakespeare to advance his story. Without Emilia...

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drahmad1989 | Student

first of all when she finds a love gift handkerchief of Desdemona , she gives this to Iago to make him pleased, this was her first contribution to the play' tragedy.

secondly she does not tell Othello about the evil intentions of her husband till he kills Desdemona. this thing create a tragic effect in drama.