How did a character change over the course of the novel?

Expert Answers
brandyhwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One character that changes from the beginning to end tremendously is Ana. Remember how readers begin the novel and meet Ana. Kim plants her seeds in the garden, trying to build roots for herself. This garden, at the time, was no place to grow anything. Ana, instead of watching to help and protect Kim as she plants her seeds, watches from her window, and accuses Kim of hiding drugs or something else just as heinous. Ana even creeps down from her window, digs up the seeds, and harms Kim's plants. Why? Ana had no trust, no love and no real hope in her heart.

As the story continues, Ana continues to unveil her people-watching tendencies, but she also begins to change. The more Ana views the good that comes to the neighborhood as a result of the garden and the more she views people working together and helping each other, the more she begins to soften her views and reach out to others. She aids the garden, and speaks with some of the residents there. She changes from watching life callously to being an active participant in her world.