How is chapter one in The Kite Runner effective in leading the story to the major themes?

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Many of the themes in Hosseini's work is laid for the reader in the exposition of the novel.  The idea of "being good" and "atonement" are both revealed in the opening chapter.  The idea of a world before 9/11 and one after it is brought out in Amir's own state of being in the world.  While it does not focus on this, it is present from a personal point of view.  The life Amir once led is suspended, to a certain extent, and the idea of being able to seize upon a moment, an instant, where some resolution is present is evident.  At the same time, it seems as if Amir is controlled by some other force, perhaps subconscious, to have to to return to Afghanistan.  It is revealed that there is a deep and profound connection between Amir and Afghanistan, something conveyed in the opening chapter of the narrative.

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