How is Changez's journey both personal as well as political?

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For Changez, there is a "coming of age" notion in his journey.  He is beginning to learn more about the world and his place within it.  This helps to enhance the idea of a loss of innocence throughout his narrative.  When he first arrives in America, he likens himself to the hero in a Bollywood film.  Such an idea contains both political and personal implications.  There is an awareness that he gains into the world in terms of experience.  It is here where his journey can be seen as personal, as it results in a changing of identity as he acquires more understanding about the world.  The political implications are evident in how this is perceived.  Changez "comes to age" in terms of his political understanding about America in the days that follow the September 11 Attacks.  It is here where the journey he undertakes contains political implications.  It is through his understanding of American control and what he sees as a corrupting influence around the world that compels Changez to take the political stand he does.  In this, one sees how his journey towards greater understanding is one there are political as well as personal implications.