How is the censorship of "Game of Thrones" warranted in foreign countries? Please elaborate in depth and provide evidence to support the argument.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are two main reasons why we can say that foreign countries ought to censor ”Game of Thrones” due to its excessive portrayals of violence, nudity, and sex.  First, we can say they ought to censor the show because it can help lead to higher levels of violence in their countries.  Second, we can say that they ought to censor it because (or if) it goes against traditional values in their country.

One reason to censor “Game of Thrones” would be because it is so violent.  Practically every episode features people being killed or tortured, often in graphic ways.  Studies have shown that it can be bad for people to watch depictions of violence on television.  The studies do not show that a person who sees a violent TV show will certainly go out and act violently.  However, they do show that people who see a lot of violence in the media will be more likely to behave in aggressive ways.  It is not good for societies to have a lot of people who are prone to committing acts of violence.  Many societies might look at US society, say that we have too much violence, and want to reject things like TV violence that would make them more likely to suffer from the problems that we suffer.

A second reason to censor “Game of Thrones” is to preserve the values of the particular country.  In addition to violence, “Game of Thrones” has a great deal of sexual content.  There is a lot of nudity.  There are many episodes in which people are shown engaging in sexual behavior.  Even many Americans argue that the nudity and sex in the series are excessive.  Some Americans think this even though the US is one of the most sexualized cultures in the world.

Even here in the US, “Game of Thrones” would not be able to air as it does on free TV.  If this show were on a network like NBC, it would not be able to show as much sex and nudity as it does because we think that children should be protected from seeing such things.  If a movie had as much sex as “Game of Thrones” it would at least have an R rating and would not be legal for young people to see.  In other words, we are willing to censor shows in order to protect our cherished values.

If we can censor TV shows to protect our values, so can other countries.  In many other countries (particularly in Asia and in the Muslim world), values are much more traditional than they are here.  Many people would be shocked and horrified to see the sex and nudity that appear on “Game of Thrones.”  Because the show would be offensive to many of their citizens, it is appropriate for foreign countries to censor it just as we would censor it if it were on free TV.  Every country has a right to prohibit things that are offensive to its values.

Thus, we can argue that it is appropriate for other countries to censor this show.  They should do so in part because it would make their citizens more likely to engage in violent behavior and they should do so because the show depicts things that would be offensive to the traditional values held by most of their people.