How is censorship dangerous in the book Fahrenheit 451?

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In Bradbury's dystopian society, the government censors literature in order to maintain stability and create a "happy" populace, which is utterly consumed by mindless entertainment and lacks emotional depth. The censorship of literature results in a violent and superficial society which lacks the ability to analyze its dangerous actions, eventually leading to its destruction at the end of the novel.

Montag's wife embodies the superficial, ignorant citizens of Bradbury's dystopian society, and she attempts to commit suicide. Her callous, shallow personality ruins her marriage and she fails to live a fulfilling life.

Faber argues that without literature or other forms of media that authentically replicate and examine humanity, people will fail to have meaningful relationships, experience peace of mind, or find the motivation to positively alter their society for the better. Granger also argues that without literature, people will have no record of the past and continue to repeat their...

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