How does Carnegie view charity? In what instances does Carnegie believe that charity is most beneficial?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Andrew Carnegie believed in the concept of Social Darwinism. This theory suggested that the strongest and fittest survive. While Andrew Carnegie believed in this concept, he felt those who were successful financially had an obligation to help people who needed help, especially if they were in a situation that wasn’t their fault.

Andrew Carnegie believed in a concept known as the Gospel of Wealth. He believed the wealthy needed to use their money to help the less fortunate. He was firmly against giving aid directly to the people. Instead, he believed that providing money to provide opportunities where people could help themselves would be very appropriate. Thus, Andrew Carnegie provided funds to build libraries, where people could go to increase their education. He also provided money to build universities. He believed if people were more educated, they would become more successful. He also provided money for communities to build concert halls, where the entire community could benefit from various performances.

Andrew Carnegie believed the wealthy should use their money to provide opportunities for people to better themselves and their position in life.

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