How are the Captain and Jim related in the book Treasure Island?I always thought that the captain was his father until reading chapter 3.

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Billy Bones, the enigmatic scoundrel who appears at the beginning of Treasure Island, tells Jim and his father, "You mought call me captain" (Chapter 1).  However, Billy Bones and Jim Hawkins are in no way related, and he is definitely not Jim's father.  Jim writes in the very first chapter of Treasure Island that his father was the "keeper of the 'Admiral Benbow' Inn" (Chapter 1). 

Later in Chapter One, Jim reveals that his  "poor father was far gone in a decline that took him off" and was subsequently visited by Dr. Livesy (Chapter 1).  At the beginning of Chapter Two, Jim reminds the reader that the health of his father remains very poor, which of course forces Jim into a more active role in the management of the inn; Jim must deal with Billy Bones and the infamous Black Dog all by himself, which in turn catapults Jim into the middle of the action concerning Billy's treasure map. 


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