How can you find the Little Dipper and/or the Big Dipper in the night sky?I live in Denver, CO and sometimes when I look up at the night sky I always try to find the little dipper or the big dipper.

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The constellation known as The Little Dipper is part of a larger constellation known as Ursa Minor, or The Little Bear.  It possesses the star Polaris in the very end of it's handle.  Polaris is also known as the North Star and has been used for navigation by sailors at sea since they have been sailing.  The North Star is in the very center of the celestial North Pole, so look northward in the sky and you should be able to find it.  When you have found Polaris, back up along the handle and you will find the other stars that constitute the shape of the ladel part of the dipper.  Once you have found the stars of the Little Dipper, you can sight along the handle part and it points to the ladel of the Big Dipper, which is also part of a larger constellation known as Ursa Major, or "The Big Bear".  Both these constellations remaing part of the 88 known modern constellations studied by astronomers today.

astrosonu | Student

Hello!The Big Dipper is in the consteletion Ursa Major and Little Dipper in the Ursa MInor. B Dipper is a frying pan and the L Dipper is a up side down frying pan. Go to a suburb place away from the city lights. The night sky should be clear, U will definetly see Big Dipper but its a little tough to find small Dipper. Try Try U will succeed.




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I see them everyday but not when it is cloudy.

astrosonuthird | Student
You can find Big Dipper in Ursa Major and Little Dipper in Ursa Minor.