How can Feed by M.T Anderson relate to modern audiences who are reading the novel?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Certainly Feed can be appreciated by the modern audience in a big way.

If you list the basic tenets that are present in the novel, you will find that they are quite resonant in our society today.

These themes could be listed down as follows:

a) Technology influences everything.

b) Society depends on technology.

c) Consumerism is key.

When you combine them all what you get is the reality in which each and every one of us lives today: a society in which technology is rampant and through which a culture of consumers is bombarded daily by the media so that they can be enticed to having more and more.

Another aspect of Feed that is quite agreeable to the modern reader is its dystopian quality. We all wonder whether there will be a day when our weaknesses will actually become so strong that they destroy us as a society. Will our hunger for material possessions overcome our common sense? Will we get to the point of not caring about anything else in life? If shopping is a feeling, what void is it actually filling?

Perhaps what is even more interesting, even to the reader who does not quite like dystopian literature, is that Anderson uses the technology that is known as of 2002 to create his "feed" system. So much has already changed in the past 10 years that it is interesting to see how a world that is developing so fast saw itself a decade ago. For this reason, Feed has a lot to offer a myriad of different audiences.