How can Feed by M.T Anderson relate to modern audiences who are reading the novel?

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As a dystopian novel, Feed was written with the intention of resonating significantly with current audiences.

In Titus's society, two main elements seem to control everything: technology and consumerism. This massively resonates with modern readers due to the immense control technology and consumerism have over our own lives.

For example, the "feeds" that allow instantaneous communication in the novel are not unlike smart phones, tablets, smart watches, and home devices (think "Alexa") that ensure we are "connected" at all times. Just as in the novel, technology today is often criticized for distracting people with frivolous topics rather than serious matters.

Consumerism is also a major theme in both this text and modern life. For example, the "Coke party" in Feed seems basically like something that could happen today. The idea of corporations having control over the population does not seem so far from reality with modern advertising, political donations, and more.

Like many other dystopian...

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