How candida coul be preventable through dietHow candida coul be preventable through diet ?

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Improving your diet with probiotics and foods that reduce the naturally inviting environment that attract the bacteria that spawns the growth of candida is important too. Strengthening the immune system and eating foods that contain things like the acidophilus--yoghurt for example--will be helpful.

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Basically, the idea is that you have to eat a very healthy diet that is low in sugars and processed foods.  The argument is that the Candida yeasts like sugar and simple carbohydrates.  Therefore, you should eat less of those and more whole grains and vegetables and proteins.

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Candida loves acidic environments, and if something upsets the body's natural balance, so the digestive system becomes more acidic, candida starts to multiply and it occures candidiasis.
Some foods, like lemons and vegetables, help restore the body's natural conditions.
Junk foods and sweet foods lead to the accumulation of sugar in the urine, which feeds the bacteria and favors candidiasis .
Spices and herbs have natural antifungal properties, reducing the amount of candida in the body