How can you write an essay that shows that Caesar is responsible for his own death in Julius Caesar?

When writing an essay that shows that Caesar is responsible for his own death in Julius Caesar, you might consider that Caesar's arrogance and popularity constitute a threat to the Republic. This point is made within the play, most notably by Cassius. It is supported by the fickleness of the Roman mob and Caesar's own words.

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The argument that Caesar is responsible for his own death is made in the play and manages to convince his close friend and "the noblest Roman of them all," Brutus. In its essence, the case against Caesar is as follows. The Roman Republic has existed for five hundred years, after the last king was driven out of Rome. Since then, the Romans have never had a king or any single ruler. The senior government officials are the consuls, and there are two of them precisely because the Romans do not want to place power in the hands of a single man. Julius Caesar, however, is now the leading man in Rome by a long distance. His popularity, exacerbated by demagoguery and personal arrogance, now threatens the security of the greatest nation in the world.

This argument is most convincingly made by Cassius, whose speeches you will certainly want to quote in your essay. However, the fickleness of the Roman mob in the pivotal act 3, scene 2 will also be of use in making this case. They initially seem quite happy for Caesar to have been killed, and they applaud Brutus, until they are swayed in the opposite direction by Antony. Caesar's arrogance is also clear from his own words. In a particularly extreme example, he says to Cassius and Cinna,

Hence! wilt thou lift up Olympus?

When Caesar compares the attempt to alter his decision to lifting up a mountain which is also the home of the gods, Cassius's characterization of him seems justified.

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