Dust Tracks on a Road

by Zora Neale Hurston

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How can you tell that the two women made an impression on Hurston?

Expert Answers

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One day, two white women from Minnesota turn up at Zora's school. They're brought to her class, where Zora, as one of the best students, is chosen to read to them. Suitably impressed, the ladies invite Zora to lunch at their hotel. After Zora reads to them from Scribner's Magazine, they present her with a gift of a large, heavy cylinder containing a hundred golden new pennies. A month later, they also send her a huge box full of clothes and books. It's notable that Zora much prefers the books to the clothes.

The two ladies have left a lasting impression on Zora through their gift of books. These books, including such classics as Gulliver's Travels, Dick Whittington, and Grimm's Fairy Tales, substantially broaden Zora's cultural and intellectual horizons and help in no small way to put her on the path toward becoming a writer.

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