How can you symbolize Stargirl with different objects?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When looking to represent Stargirl, I think it is important to find objects that can embody her characteristics of uniqueness.  One particular item that can represent this would be a kaleidoscope.  Looking inside it reveals different patterns and arrangements that provide a different view to the eye.  This represents Stargirl because she is so fundamentally different than everyone else.  I would also use flowers, perhaps an arrangement or an assortment of different flowers to bring out how her uniqueness adds to the sense of being in the world.  Flowers represent difference and add beauty to the world, something that Leo would accept Stargirl both represents and brings into Mica.  I think that a book of art would also help to represent the beauty, uniqueness, and sense of distinction that is a part of her being.  In representing the sense of collectivity and community that is a part of her, I would look for images that represent this.  For this, I might actually turn to song.  The Beatles' "All You Need is Love" might be something that represents Stargirl, especially when she stands up for the rights of others and the need for all voices to be validated and heard.  Finally, a peacock feather is something that I would use to represent the sense of permanent distinction that is always going to be a part of her.  Even when she tries to conform, Stargirl realizes who she is and recognizes that, thankfully, she will never change that core identity, similar to how a peacock's feather will always represent uniqueness and distinction in the wild.