How can you relate "The Interlopers" with a real life event?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Based upon the fact that Saki's story "The Interlopers" deals with a feud between tow families, one could relate the action of the story to many real life events.

1. Many schools today have rivals. These "generations" long feuds have been fueled by the desire to win over the other school. The feuds are relived year after year, game after game, as the rivals come together to prove who is superior.

2. Countries throughout the world have had very similar feuds. Countries have, and presently still do, warred over the claiming of lands. These wars have been both deadly and ongoing for generations.

3. One last way to examine the real life events which mirror the story are when two life-long enemies are able to call a truce. Many times, unfortunately, another person interferes (like the wolves) and ends the truce. We have also seen this in warring across the globe (ties into #2).