How can you paraphrase "They walked in the warm-cool blowing night on the silvered pavement..." in the novel Fahrenheit 451?

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The full text of this quote is:

They walked in the warm-cool blowing night on the silvered pavement and there was the faintest breath of fresh apricots and strawberries in the air, and he looked around and realized that was quite impossible so late in the year.

This can be paraphrased, or put into your own language a myriad of ways.

Montag and Clarisse walked in the cool evening as the warm breeze blew down the street. In the wind, Montag could make out a faint scent of fresh apricots and strawberries, but knew it couldn't be true as they were out of season.

The importance of significance of this quote is that Montag's strict sense of reality is altered by Clarisse's presence. The imagery is more vibrant and profound with Clarisse walking next to him. He does not just walk down the street but rather on the "silvered pavement." He begins to question what he has known so far and begins to see the beauty in nature just as Clarisse does.

Clarisse and Montag's relationship is an important catalyst for Montag's internal conflict. Check out the following links to further read about their relationship.

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