How can you love the one you love if they don't love you back?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The highest form of love or we can even say "true love" is to love without reason. Let me explain. If you love someone only if he or she loves you in return, then your love is conditional. The condition is love reciprocated. Or we can say that that kind of love is selfish on some level, because it is rooted in something that you get.

From this perspective, the greatest love is to love someone without reason. Love, then, is rooted not in that person, but in a heart of love. From this logic, it stands to reason that we should love because we are loving people. We should love no matter what the circumstance, even if someone does not love us. This is why one of the highest expressions of love is to love even your enemies or the unlovable. Think of Mother Theresa's work with the lepers. She loved, not because she loved lepers. She loved, because she was a loving person.

senioreeto | Student

if you really love someone,you should love him/her without any should not demand for any good response from them.just let them free to make their choice.if your love is true,they will surely come back to you some day.but if they dont,just understand that they had not been made for you.

bhawanipur | Student

Love means loving someone without any precondition and determined to sacrifice for him/her/it. "If they don't love you back" is applicable only in business where we want to make profit in tern.

Love is an expression of our emotion. Parents love their child without expecting anything from them but bringing it up to make a man.