How can you learn or remember all the infomation discussed in a class if you are a visual learner and your teacher only talks without any images used?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a hard situation to be in. Let me give you a few suggestions that might help. 

First, you can ask your teacher to use more images. He or she may be more than willing to do so. I am a teacher and if a student asked me for this, I would comply happily. Keep in mind that teachers can be very helpful. 

Second, your teacher may be able to give you books with graphs and other visual information, which may help you. You can also look for this as well. There are a lot of resources in book and online. Some searching would most likely be helpful. 

Third, since much of learning is done in a non-visual way, it would be important for you to learn to build up your ability to learn in different ways. 

Fourth, you may want to ask the teacher if you could record the lectures and then summarize the content in a visual way. This will reinforce learning in many ways. 

Fifth, write notes in a branching or mind map style or draw figures that represent what is being said. In other words, if nothing visual is given to you, create your own visual associations.