How can you explain two main effects of the New Deal programs?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

President Franklin Roosevelt developed a series of programs to try to help deal with the impact of the Great Depression. These programs were called the New Deal. The New Deal Programs tried to bring relief to the American people and reform to our society.

Several New Deal programs tried to help the American people deal with the impacts of the Great Depression. There were many programs that created jobs. The Civilian Conservation Corps created jobs for young, unemployed men. These people went to the western part of our country to work on various conservation projects. The Civil Works Administration and the Public Works Administration created jobs for our people. These jobs were in the construction industry. They worked on projects that included building roads, schools, and bridges. Farmers were paid not to produce crops with the passage of the Agriculture Adjustment Act.

The New Deal also tried to bring about reforms to help try to prevent another significant depression from occurring. The Glass-Steagall Act prevented commercial banks from investing in the stock market. It also created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This program insured savings accounts to reassure people that their money was safe in our banks. The Securities Act was passed requiring companies to give complete and truthful information to investors. The Security and Exchange Commission was created to monitor the stock market and to prevent fraud.

These New Deal programs were designed to provide relief to our people and to create reforms to help to try to prevent another Great Depression from occurring.