How can you be environmentaly friendly if you were to make a resort in the boreal shield?Please give me lots of suggestions in a paragraph that can help me. Thank you very much on your time and help.

Expert Answers
James Kelley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that environmental friendliness and resort often do not go together well in a single sentence. When people are at resorts, they often want luxury, which means lots and lots of food and hot water and electricity. All of those items (and no doubt many more that aren't occuring to me right now) tend make resorts environmentally unfriendly -- or worse.

The previous poster's comments about encouraging outdoor activities are good. Those activities could include a light dose of education about the ecosystems and about the dangers posed by the nearby industries of mining and logging. (I don't mean to suggest that industry of any sort is evil, but it certainly can have lasting negative effects on the environment.)

I wonder if there would be ways, too, to encourage the use of less hot water when showering, the recycling of towels, and the sharing of labor in ways that reduce the overall consumption of energy. I imagine that a resort centered around hiking and camping, for example, would have fewer negative effects on the environment than a resort with permanent buildings, large water heaters, huge buffets, and so on.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are various ways to be environmentally friendly in this ecozone. There is a lot of mining and logging in the Boreal Shield so regualtion of those sorts of activities need to be monitored. Logging and mining are necessary to the Canadian economy.

A resort could certainly be built here. It should be built in a place that offers serenity so away from mining and logging companies would be ideal. In addition, there are many national parks and conservation areas that could be visited while staying in this area.

This resort could promote environmental responsibility by supporting all the area has to offer. The resort could offer numerous recreational activities such as fishing and sightseeing.