How can you discribe Beowulf's home in the epic story?Because i have a test coming up in my class and one of the choices is slimy,darkness,scary!!!

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most detailed descriptions of Beowulf's home comes at the end o f the story poem and not at the beginning - though it mostly deals with the manner of mourning a greatly revered and loved leader and hero such as Beowulf. It does however give us some insights into the society of the people he lived amongst and to the routine of their daily lives.

For example, we imagine a peaceful world of homesteads. The people are described as 'folk' suggesting that they co-operated to build a calm and ordered society and believed in team-work. (They worked together to build the funeral pyre.) They were a race which respected its dead and took care of ceremony, being respectful and taking time to adorn the pyre with just the right accoutrements for a warrior. They also respected the wishes of the dead and followed them to the letter. We imagine a landscape comprised of peaceful plains - and hills such as the one the funeral beacon was lit on. The people were sensitive and displayed their grief openly by weeping. The musical talents of women were appreciated and their voices used in elegy. The people were competent builders, and the land had some regions bordering on the cliffs, as we can see from the barrow. Most of all, the people appreciated the qualities of fine leadership.