How can you describe the relationship between the mother and her daughter in "Girl"?

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The tone that is developed in Kincaid's "Girl" suggests that the relationship between the mother and her daughter is relatively constricted.  The story opens in the middle of the mother telling her daughter what she should and should not do to grow up to be a proper, respectable woman.  The mother's advice is delivered in a succession of imperative orders--there is no conversation between the two about the daughter's experiences or questions that the daughter might have about life.  When the daughter speaks, her voice counts for little as the mother glosses over her daughter's saying that she does not sing on Sundays and mocks her question about the baker.  Although the relationship appears constricted, it does seem that there is care and concern on the part of the mother for her daughter.  She seems to want her daughter to grow up safe, hardworking, and respectable; however, she does not express these concerns in an open manner.

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