The Graveyard Book

by Neil Gaiman

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How can you describe how Bod and Silas progressed through the book and made it more intriguing for the reader?

Expert Answers

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At the outset, their polar differences set the stage for what promises to be an interesting relationship: the orphan Bod, a defenseless human baby, is subject to the laws of the natural world (except for the supernatural powers later conferred upon him by the ghosts), while Silas, an otherworldly creature, is not bound by such constraints. If one, drawing from Gaiman’s description, takes the position that Silas is a vampire, his actions, which are contrary to what we know of vampiric nature, make their relationship all the more intriguing. Instead of leaving the baby to the ravages of time and the elements or killing him outright (Gaiman tells us that Silas only eats “one thing—and it’s not bananas”), Silas takes pity on the child and agrees to become his guardian. Since he, unlike the locale’s other inhabitants, is able to leave the graveyard, he procures food, clothing, and other necessities for the growing child, adopting the long-term role of foster parent. Over time, Silas also enrolls Bod in public school, rescues him after his arrest, and saves his only human friend, Scarlett, from being killed by Jack Frost.

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