How can you create movement using color?

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You can create movement through color in a number of ways but it does depend a bit on what materials you are using.

If you are using paints, the darker colors will tend to recede in the painting while the lighter and brighter colors will seem to come forward. Cool colors like blue or green usually recede while warm colors like red or orange come forward.

If you are using pastels, the blended colors tend to turn darker and recede while the pure, unblended colors tend to "jump" out of the picture.

Black and other very dark colors often create a "hole" in the artwork which stops any movement.

Movement can also be created by using small dabs or bits of color placed side by side like the Impressionists did in their work. A small spot of yellow next to a small spot of blue can seem like green when viewed from afar but up close the spots seem to dance.

An artist can create areas and lines of color to lead the eye around purposefully in a picture. The color usage needs to be planned by the artist if the he/she wants to speak through the colors.

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