How can you compare "A Rose for Emily" and a "Tell-tale Heart" by Edgar Allan PoeCompare them by point of view, character (Emily and narrator from " Tell tale heart"), and also symbolsim.

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Ok, here goes:

Point of View: The Tell-Tale Heart is told in first person, which you can identify because the narrator says "I". A Rose For Emily APPEARS to be written in 3rd person, but if you look closely, you will see that the narrator uses words like "our" in the first sentence and "we" and "our" in the paragraph that begins with "That was when people had begun to feel really..." So, this story, too, is told in first person. It is unknown, however, who this narrator is, but one can assume that it is one of the officials or assistants to an official or a police officer as he was one of the people to go into Miss Emily's house and discover the dead bodies.

Characters: The narrator from "Tell-Tale" is a man who is most likely the caregiver of the old man that he kills. He is clearly mentally disturbed which can be garnered from the way that he talks and 'assures' us that he is not insane at all. Miss Emily is not insane initially, but may have been driven to a type of twisted insanity as her life spirals downward. Both characters are murderers, however, Miss Emily's crime is one which she committs through careful thought and planning--she buys poison. And yes, the 'Tell-Tale' narrator carefully executes his plan, but does so based on urges and whims that he cannot control.

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