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How can you compare and contrast Plot, Setting, and Conflict the two stories, The Time Machine and The Sound of Thunder. Use examples from the text.

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Comparison/Contrast of The Time Machine and "A Sound of Thunder"

  • Plot

Themes of Science, Time, and Evolution are evident in both H. G. Wells's novella, The Time Machine , and Ray Bradbury's "Sound of Thunder." The emphasis in Wells's work is upon what occurs with humans in future time, while Bradbury's narrative examines the "Butterfly effect" of the chaos theory; that is, how one small change can cause rippling effects. In Wells's narrative, when the Time Traveller arrives in the future, he discovers that the wealthy, now called Eloi have regressed to being "helpless idiots" and the have-nots, the Murlocks, live underground and prey upon the Eloi in cannibalistic style. In Bradbury's...

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