How can you develop connections between the music industry in the movie Amadeus and the modern day music industry?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one connection between the film and the modern music industry is that money and patronage is present in the construction of music.  Today, record producers and record companies are the modern royalty of Classical times and their patronage is what drives musical composition.  Producers like Dr. Dre are on the search for new talent, and this is what leads an artist like Eminem to be discovered.  This is similar to how royal courts hosted and sought to encourage musical talent performing in their presence.  I do think that there is some level of trouble in trying to find compositional or musical quality comparisons between both time periods.  What Mozart did to music and did with music is something that represented a geological instant.  The sheer genius of composition as well as the ability to perfect the genre is something that I feel rather uncomfortable ascribing to music of today.  I think that we can find innovators in the genres, such as Eminem, but I don't think that these individuals are on the same musical level as Mozart.  I am not entirely certain that they see themselves in this light, so it might be a stretch for us to do so.  Along these lines, the film/ play makes a strong statement that musical genius was important to the composition of music.  Salieri feels bad and envious towards Mozart because of his musical genius.  I don't see this level of hunger in the industry today, as monetary wealth seems to be more important.  There is greater emphasis on marketing a singer or product placement as opposed to pure musical talent.  I think that the industry is driven more by wealth and prestige than by pure musical talent for composition.  I think that the last element of comparison might be to suggest that money and the need for it is something that drives the industry of today and something that drove Mozart in the film/ play as he impoverished condition played a large role in being so susceptible in composing and drawing out the Requiem.