How can you bring out the differences between the relationships of Rosalind and Celia and Orlando and Oliver?

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Celia and Rosalind are cousins but still they love each other dearly. Whereas, Orlando and Oliver, instead of being of the same blood, are not found of each other. 

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Rosalind and Celia love each other very much;so much that when duke Fredrick banishes Rose, Celia follows her because she cant stay behind without her.

…if she be a traitor,

Why so am I; we still have slept together,

Rose at an instant, learn’d, play’d, ate together;

And wheresoe’er we went, like Juno’s swans,

Still we went coupled and inseparable.

On the other hand, Oliver treats his brother Orlando terribly,barring him the place of a brother although their father,Rowland de Boys charged him to give him a proper education and therefore Orlando wants to mutiny against this but he does not know how to. But eventually after Orlando saves his life,Oliver becomes a better person when he sees that his brother whom he had tried to kill saved him because he was noble and kind and chose that over revenge.

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simple....rosalind and celia are sisters....and oliver and orlando are brothers :P