Describe Ruku as being the suitable character for the protagonist in "Nectar in a Seive"

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The protagonist is the main character in a story.  The plot revolves around the protagonist. In "Nectar in a Sieve" the story centers around Rukmani's life, so she is the main character, the Protagonist.

The story is told by Rukmani, beginning with her marriage to Nathan. The story is about her life, her experiences, her struggles, her perspective.

"Rukmani experiences the changes typical of a young woman in her time. She marries a man she does not know, becomes a mother, and as she has more children, learns to share limited resources with more people."

"Rukmani faces the adversities of natural disaster." She watches as her children either suffer cruel fates or leave the village to make their own lives. She and Nathan lose their land, and in the end, she is a widow."

For more information on the characters in the story, click the link below, the first one.  For themes, click the second.

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