How can you analyze "Hills Like White Elephants" from a feminist point-of-view?

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amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hemingway is known for masculine, heroic characters and these characters tend to dominate his stories. In this story, Jig, is more of a hero(ine) than the male narrator. This has nothing to do with a debate on abortion. She is more of a hero because she is the only one brave enough (dare we say “man enough”) to face the consequences of the pregnancy and she is the only one willing to take the difficult path and abandon their itinerant life of partying and traveling. The man persuades her to have the abortion but then leaves the burden of the decision entirely up to her. She is righteous in confronting the problem head on. He is passive aggressive and cowardly.

Additionally, in either scenario (keeping or losing the baby), she is the one who must live more intimately with the consequences. From a feminist point of view, she is the more responsible, stronger and braver character of the two.


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