How can one write a six-page graduate-level paper on non-traditional roles in law enforcement, incorporating Bonita C Long's "Sex-Role Orientation, Coping Strategies, and Self efficacy of Women in...

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To write a 6-page graduate-level paper on non-traditional roles in law enforcement incorporating Bonita C. Long's study titled "Sex-Role Orientation, Coping Strategies, and Self-efficacy of Women in Traditional and Nontraditional Occupations," you first need to do some preliminary research on non-traditional roles in law enforcement in order to develop your own thesis statement for your paper.

The term non-traditional roles in law enforcement may refer to such things as women in law enforcement, which is a huge topic of study. Researchers are investigating things like why women choose to enter the field, what makes them stay in the field or leave, and what challenges they face that are different from their male counterparts (Keverline, "In the Face of Challentes, Women in Federal Law Enforcement Persist and Excel"). Therefore, you can choose a specific topic of study concerning women in law enforcement that relates to Long's own article; then, you would research your chosen topic further in order to develop your own thesis.

For example, one study has shown that a woman in law enforcement must become known as a "good officer" in order to feel successful, and "failure to achieve that status can be very demoralizing and devastating," possibly resulting in leaving the law enforcement field (Woolsey, "Challenges for Women in Policing"). If this is the case, we can easily relate such findings with Long's own findings that both high-masculine and low-feminine women have higher self-efficacy and greater problem-focused coping skills. Hence, in order to write our thesis, we can connect the fact that high-masculine and low-feminine women are more likely to have higher self-efficacy and therefore also are more likely to become known as "good officers," resulting in greater chances of retaining their jobs in law enforcement. We can even use research into studies on percentages of women possessing both high-masculine or low-feminine traits and use such research to further develop our thesis.

Using the above research, the following might serve as a hypothetical thesis statement:

  • Study results showing that there are lower percentages of women with high-masculine and low-feminine traits and that such women demonstrate greater self-efficacy, a skill needed in law enforcement, explain the still low percentage of women joining and being retained in the law enforcement field.

Once you have your actual thesis, you then simply use both your own research as well as evidence in Long's article to prove your thesis.