How can I write a project about "chemistry in daily life" with examples and images?

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Chemistry is all around us; we just have to look around and figure it out. Everything is made up of atoms. All the food that we eat and all the beverages that we drink are chemical compounds. Our clothes, utensils, furniture, etc., are made up of chemical compounds. Another example of chemistry is the cooking of food. The cleaning action of soaps and detergents can also be explained by chemistry. The making of bread is also chemistry.

A good way to make a project about chemistry in daily life is by listing the examples of chemistry in our daily life (some examples have been listed above for easy reference). It is very easy to find images for chemical compounds online. 

Remember that any process which involves chemical reactions (products have different chemical compositions than reactants) and/or involves chemical compounds is an example of chemistry in daily life.

Hope this helps. 

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