how can i write a perfect commentary of 5 paragraphs? they are different ideas different teachers use to write it, but i would want to know an official way and style. 

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A basic 5 paragraph format that works well with any subject matter or style is this:

1) Introductory paragraph.  It should introduce the topic and give some background information.  You should conclude your introductory paragraph with a thesis statement.  The thesis statement should include an assertion or opinion about your topic and three subpoints or main ideas that you will be addressing in the commentary.

2)Body paragraph--Begin this paragraph with a topic sentence.  It's helpful to use transition words (like first, next, then, finally) to improve the flow and readability of your paragraphs.  The topic sentence should introduce the topic of your first subpoint that you mentioned in your thesis.  In the body paragraph, be sure to include examples, details, and anaysis that supports your main idea.

3)Body paragraph--Follow the same format for the first body paragraph, except introduce and discuss your second subpoint. 

4)Body paragraph--Repeat.  Introduce information for third subpoint and discuss. 

5) Conclusion-- Wrap-up the main ideas of your commentary and subpoints.  Restate your thesis from the introduction (not word for word).

I am including a link below that also has some good pointers for writing a 5 paragraph essay in outline format.

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