How can I write an introduction of essay about analysis "Beloved, thou has brought me many flowers" XLIV sonnet? I have the main points but I dont know how to write an introduction and conclusion.

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If you have your main points already, then I assume you have a good understanding of the poem as a whole.  I think the best way to start your essay is to talk about the general theme of the poem, and then to talk specifically about the exact point the poet is making in the poem.  This is a traditional "funnel" introduction -- going from broad to more pointed.  By doing this, you are conveying  to your audience that you know exactly what the poem is about, and then your body paragraphs can go into more specific analysis and commentary on the meaning and literary devices used in specific lines or sections of the poem.  Make sure that each of your body paragraphs comes back to a connection to the meaning of the poem as a whole that you established in your introduction. 

Conclusions are hard because the temptation is to recap what you just wrote, but my advice to go back to that introduction and say something MORE about the theme of the poem.  For example, is the point of the poem still relevent today?  Is it a universal experience?  Is there a lesson to be learned?  Is there something you realized about the theme of the poem through YOUR analysis of it?

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