How can I write an essay comparing The Call of the Wild and "To Build A Fire?"

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Comparing these two pieces makes a lot of sense, as they are both written by Jack London. My general recommendation when comparing any pieces of literature is to start looking for similarities between themes, settings, and/or characters. This initial starting point will hopefully point out that both stories feature dogs. The dog in "To Build a Fire" is much more minor compared to Buck, but that doesn't change the fact that both dogs listen quite effectively to their instincts. Both dogs are also equally adept at reading people.

Both stories are set in wild and unsettled territories where nature's elements are harsh and unforgiving to life. These settings tie quite nicely to a theme that deals with man's place in the natural world. Both stories feature a natural world where starvation, exhaustion, and death are constant realities. Buck may be a dog, but he experiences these harsh realities just the same as the man from "To Build a Fire."

Consequently, both stories feature suffering. A...

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