Sam Patch the Famous Jumper Essay

How can I write an essay on the book Sam Patch, the Famous Jumper?

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poetrymfa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sam Patch is widely considered America's first daredevil. His "career" began when Patch and his fellow mill workers would jump from a bridge into the churning waters of the Blackstone River as means of amusement and ended when Patch drunkenly took his last jump off of a platform above the Genesee River—a fall that would prove fatal to him.

Although not much is known about Patch outside of his spectacular falls, plenty of debate has occurred about the nature of the mythology which surrounds him and his adrenaline-filled feats. 

If you are looking to write an essay on the book Sam Patch, the Famous Jumper, you may consider constructing an argument around the reasons behind Patch's thrill-seeking. Was he merely a drunken fool with nothing better to do? Was he a hero who sought to push the limits of the human body and exhibit daring athleticism? Were his jumps a reflection of the shifting class dynamics of the time? Were they political in nature? 

I would choose one (or several) of these questions to answer using the content of the book as evidence!

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