How can I write 8 sentences about the Russian Bourgeoisie ? It has to be for a grade 9 student (nothing complicated), with general knowledge type of sentences.

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The word "bourgeoisie" usually refers to the class of people who controlled the means of production, especially industry. In Russia, this class was fairly small, and it was concentrated in urban areas like Petrograd. When the Russian Revolution broke out in 1917, and Tsar Nicholas II stepped down, the legislature, known as the Duma, was dominated by the Petrograd bourgeoisie. This legislature failed to withdraw from World War I--which remained profitable for many industrialists that made up the bourgeoisie, and this made them very unpopular with many Russians. In October of 1917, this bourgeoisie-backed government was overthrown in the so-called "Bolshevik" Revolution led by Vladimir Lenin, who advocated a government based upon a socialist society. The Bolsheviks drove bourgeois politicians from power, and Lenin and his followers seized control of Russia. Over time, a civil war broke out between the Bolsheviks and their opponents. Chief among these opponents were those who unsuccessfully fought for a moderate, democratic government that would be dominated by the bourgeoisie.

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