How can we use the principles of design in our daily lives and creative endeavors? Can being aware of these principles help us make judgments and decisions about our surroundings?

Principles of design, which revolve around such concepts as form follows function and avoiding the decorative in favor of the essential, can help us organize our lives and creative endeavors to focus on the essential rather than the trivial.

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Designers like William Morris, who believed there was an intimate connection between design and living, can help offer guidance through design in how to think about life.

For example, he believed that people should abandon much of the factory-produced and often cluttered excess of the Victorian era and embrace instead a simpler, more stream-lined aesthetic. This was not simply art for art's sake but embodied a way of life. He believed living in more simply designed structures with more functional but still beautiful furniture and art would help people live simpler, more functional lives.

Getting rid of the merely decorative to expose the core lines of designs, a central principle of all the arts, can encourage people to live more from our core and find what is important in life as well as art.

If we know we want to be living like Morris, amid simple but high quality hand crafted goods, this can help us...

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