How can we use critical infrastructure with emotional intelligence?

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Critical infrastructure is the availability of municipal structures and services that we often take for granted, such as roads, bridges, power generation, availability of energy, fuel, health care, and the like.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify both our and others emotions and emotion types within intelligence settings.  There are some similarities among the different emotional types, but there are some differences outstanding, also.  In the planning department, for example, how would one prioritize the list of infrastructure assetts I mentioned above?  Which one would be numero uno on your list?  I can remember in 2005, when hurricane Katrina virtually wiped out the Mississippi Gulf Coast and packed a might punch inland that was felt throughout the majority of the state.  Power was nonexistent for the better part of a week.  My father in-law at that time was involved with a food department at one of the larger municipal churches and stood to lose $10,000 in food spoilage because of lack of refrigeration.  Gasoline distribution from refineries was disrupted over the next month, lines at fueling stations were long, and people waited for hours for the next gas truck to geth there.  Which one of those things takes top priority?  These are the things you would address as you try to link the emotional intelligence with the critical infrastructure of a given area.