How can we summarize the poems "On Time" and "On  Shakespeare" by Jon Milton?basically i want to summarize these both poems within 200 to 250 words

epollock | Student


On Time by John Milton creates another idea of not beating time in a sense to live forever, but to survive, such as in wars, and acts of human cruelty. It is a triumph over the time until you die, by surviving these events. In the end the same results are reached. But, the idea of beating time just by living seems to add something.

It shows us the power of the human spirit and the nature of the human condition to fight the passing of time. It is grim to consider time passing, and to see it as a finite irreversible sequence of events. This poem encapsulates our feelings of time, but is also meant to give us hope. It is a poem of a powerful sadness, and an eternal joy.


On Shakespeare by John Milton, on the other hand, makes use of the motif of the poem as a memorial.