How can we say Romantic Era in British Literature as an "Age of Wonder"?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Romantic Era (1850-1920) was led by artists of all genres (music, art, and literature) the desire to invent and discover.  This era is characterized by the desire to know more about the self and the world around.  Therefore, the Romantic Era could/has been named the "Age of Wonder" given the people of this generation wondered about their world.  While the Romantic Era has been typically thought of as full of romantic thought and love, this is not true.  This period allowed artists, of all types, to invest in their imaginations and creativity so that they could explore their emotions.

Basically this period erupted given the "Romantics" were not happy with the conflict that arose within them during the Enlightenment.  This period, the Romantic, was created to contrast the uniformity of the previous era. The Romantics wondered about their own "intelltctuaslisms" and imaginative forces within.