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chaserunyan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are numerous ways to help protect the environment: 

- We must be cautious of how fossil fuels are used.  When fossil fuels are used in combustion it releases carbon dioxide and this leads towards increased global warming.  

- We need to take better care of our freshwater resources.  The amount of freshwater on the planet is very limited.  Chemical runoff from factories, farms, and the general human population is getting into our freshwater supply and causing contamination.  

- Recycling and Reusing materials will cut down on the amount of trash harming the environment.  Trash not only causes an eye sore, but it also harms the flora and fauna of specific habitats.  

- Energy and materials consumption must be carefully monitored.  Consuming energy for everyday use means burning more fossil fuels, which leads to other environmental risks.  Using alternative forms of energy production, such as hydro powered, wind powered, and solar powered, can help us reduce pollution.  Also, as consumers we need to understand some materials are limited.  Great examples are lumber and freshwater.  These materials need to be used conservatively. 

- The most useful way to improve the environment is communication.  We need to share ideas of environmental protection and help others understand how important it is to keep the environment healthy.

gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of ways in which we can save our environment.

  • Reduce fossil fuel consumption: We need to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, as they result in global warming. We can use cleaner alternatives such as solar power, wind energy, fuel cell, etc.
  • Protect our water: Another big environmental concern is the degrading water quality in our oceans and lakes (both surface and sub-surface). We need to stop polluting these bodies of water and avoid discharging any waste without appropriate treatment.
  • Land pollution control: we need to stop polluting our lands by disposing of solid waste and wastewater on it. Appropriate treatment needs to be carried out before anything is discharged on land.
  • Air pollution control: apart from reducing fossil fuel consumption, we also need to control air pollution by capturing the gaseous contaminants we release (mainly in our industries)
  • Sustainable life-style: we need to adopt a more sustainable life style, where we reuse & recycle material and reduce our consumption.
  • Education/awareness: a mass awareness of environmental degradation and our responsibilities towards its restoration is needed.
anne-gb | Student

There are many ways we can save our planet. 

Global warming....carbon dioxide is the main gas that contributes to global warming. The main rise in carbon dioxide over the last hundred years or so is through the burning of fossil fuels, we should aim to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by using alternative, renewable energy resources such as wind, waves, tidal, solar,geothermal, hydroelectricity and biomass For the production of electricity. We need to reduce the amount of fuel used for transport using more energy efficient engines in out cars and use public transport, car share and walk!

Fossil fuels also often contain sulfur.  When fossil fuels are burned sunfur dioxide is formed which reacts with the water in the atmosphere and produces acid rain. This kills trees and makes lakes to acidic and therefore kills fish.  Power stations need to be adapted to neutralise the acidic emissions. This will cost more money but consumers should be willing to pay extra for their electricity in order to help save the planet.


oil is used to make plastics and oil is a non-renewable fuel. We need to recycle plastics in order to conserve are energy resources and also reduce the amount of land used for landfill sites. Plastics should also not be burned as this releases carbon dioxide and toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

many metals are running out and these too should be recycled. Copper is used for electrical wiring and also for plumbing and is in very short supply. Copper should always be recycled.

Recycling of many materials helps to reduce the amount of land used for landfill sites and also conserves all are resources.

we should always try and use local materials and food, reducing the use of vehicles needed for transportation, therefore reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

we also need to reduce the amount of energywe use in our homes by using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances, switching off lights, not leaving appliances on standby and using all our electrical appliances efficiently, eg dishwashers and washing machines being fully loaded when used

sunbyrnes | Student

Stop polluting & destroying it.  

Adopt a sustainable lifestyle globally.

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